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There are two methods to find Munin plugins in the gallery.

1. Browse the Munin Plugin Gallery by subject / purpose of the plugin, selecting one of the categories from its left side menu.

2. Full text search with google. Enter your keyword in the field below on the right after the first term "site:http://.. (which specifies the website to search on) and click the "go!" button. This brings you to Googles search form with your query already filled in. Now you'll have to click Search button once again.

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lennonFound three parts of the interview on

And the missing part on youtube

Audio and video were restored and visualized by Mark Elsebusch for MEO Media Arts.

This is about pending blocks on harddisk. The agony of two weeks was monitored by smartmontools and graphed by Munin.

smart sdb-day-vera-2015-01-25

It started with two warning eMails from smartd..

First I have to admit that the memory fragmentation graphs don't tell me much since now. Most of my servers are busy with mixed tasks and don't show up with a special profile in this area. The following webserver is special. The high activity doesn't fit to its situation. This is a development machine which is used seldom and should be idle most of the time. Looks like a process lives an independent existence.