Munin plugin sensors_ fed by HP-Tools

Language:en  2007-06-26

lm_sensors doesn't support HP servers or the other way round.. So I looked for another solution and got the desired data about temperature by:

# hpasmcli -s "show temp"
------ -------- ---- ---------
#0 SYSTEM_BD - -
#1 CPU#1 29C/84F 110C/230F
#2 CPU#2 - 110C/230F
#3 PROCESSOR_ZONE 24C/75F 53C/127F
#4 I/O_ZONE 24C/75F 66C/150F

Then I wrote an awk-script that transforms the output of hpasmcli to a sensors-like one. After transformation the existing Munin-Plugin "sensors_" can handle the data. To make support easier, I bundled the awk script with a copy of my version of sensors_: [Download tar.gz]

Munin Graph from hpsensors_ plugin


  • Install "HP ProLiant Support Pack (PSP)"
  • Install "Munin-Node"


  1. Place the file "hp_sensors" in directory /usr/local/sbin/

  2. Copy Perl Script "hpsensors_" to /usr/share/munin/plugins/

  3. Add section for hpsensors_ in /etc/munin/plugin-conf.d/munin-node:

    [hpsensors_*] user root

  4. Create link in /etc/munin/plugins/

    # ln -s /usr/share/munin/plugins/hpsensors_ hpsensors_temp

  5. Restart munin-node

    # service munin-node restart

  6. Test the plugin:

    # munin-run hpsensors_temp config
    graph_title Temperatures
    graph_vtitle Celsius
    graph_args --base 1000 -l 0
    graph_category sensors
    temp1.label temp1
    temp1.warning 99
    temp1.critical 110
    temp2.label temp3
    temp2.warning 47.7
    temp2.critical 53
    temp3.label temp4
    temp3.warning 59.4
    temp3.critical 66
    temp4.label temp5
    temp4.warning 59.4
    temp4.critical 66
    temp5.label temp6
    temp5.warning 59.4
    temp5.critical 66

    # munin-run hpsensors_temp
    temp1.value 29
    temp2.value 24
    temp3.value 24
    temp4.value 24
    temp5.value 26


  • Sensor names are read from HP-Tools output. Set your own identifiers by changing the shellscript "hp_sensors", if you don't like them.
  • Some older Versions of PSP don't have hpasmcli included. We'll find data in /proc/cpqtemp then.